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French for bubble

Coveted for its soft, supple and gloriously textured surface, our Bulle lamb leather has cemented its place as an iconic feature of our brand repertoire. The crinkled finish and desirable lustre comes courtesy of a long process finding one of the world’s best tanneries to work with one of New Zealand’s best leathers.

We are committed to using locally sourced luxury materials in our craft and our Bulle lamb is no different. Except this time the craft is a little more expert than our local tanneries can muster. After years of travelling the globe in search of a tannery with the expertise we needed, we stumbled upon the best in the business, and the creation is breathtaking.

You can always rely on the French for quality and luxury. Our New Zealand lamb leather travels to the other side of the world and back - a marriage made in handbag heaven.

The result is a collection of beautifully crafted Bulle lamb leather bags and clutches that have that something special. You could say it’s the French accent, after all, Bulle is French for bubble…