Mohair Scarf Care

A complete guide: How to care for your Mohair scarf.

What is Mohair?

Working with a small, family-operated business in Aotearoa, our luxurious, quality mohair is all ethically and locally sourced. 

Handcrafted, our Mohair is soft, cosy, and surprisingly durable, but needs a little extra care to keep those soft fibres at the peak of their plushness…


So, how to wash your Mohair scarf?

By hand…

Handwashing your Mohair is best (always avoid using your washing machine) - that extra effort means the scarf, with its natural stretch, is less likely to become misshapen.

Step 1: Fill up a basin with tepid water, and a dash of mild wool-wash detergent (a low pH level is best).

Step 2: Submerge your Mohair scarf, gently stir in the detergent, and show your scarf some love with a gentle massage for a minute or two.

Step 3: Rinse off the detergent in a fresh basin of water, then drain and gently squeeze the scarf against the basin to get rid of excess water. 

Step 4: Without wringing or stretching your scarf, lay it flat to dry. Once dry (it won’t take too long), you can very gently comb it from top to bottom with a clothesbrush. Beautiful.

By dry cleaning…

Alternatively, we recommend taking your Mohair scarf to a reputable dry cleaning service, it’s important to ensure they will not use a tumble wash or dry method of cleaning. 


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