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Mr Stitcher

With its lustre and strength, our pure brass hardware has long been an iconic feature of the Deadly Ponies product repertoire. Flores '18 sees us further explore the potential of this revered metal in the crafting of our hand-tempered safety pin handle, which adorns key new season styles Mr Midi Stitcher and our Mr Micro Stitcher.

 Fascinated with the elegant, yet functional simplicity of Ancient Egyptian tools, our initial designs were based on their clothing pins and how they held together the traditional Egyptian garments. Our original Mr Stitcher evokes this image with its folds of deer suede, juxtaposed against the solid brass. Crafting the handle saw us work with a local metal atelier who brought Creative Director, Liam Bowden's vision to life. The handle serves as a fitting tribute to our heritage, innovation, and symbolically the Deadly Ponies family - a pin that holds us all together.

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