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My Little Pony

The collection expertly marries Deadly Ponies’ artisanal quality and luxurious materials with the delight and magic of ‘Equestria’; the land where the Ponies live. Each piece is a collectors item in its own right, harnessing Deadly Ponies’ innovative and timeless design with My Little Pony’s enduring charm, telling a story that merges fashion, art and of course, imagination.

Deadly Ponies Founder and Creative Director, Liam Bowden, describes the My Little Pony collaboration as “a charming reminder of simpler times and values, celebrating diversity, creativity and most importantly, friendship”.

At its very essence, Deadly Ponies for My Little Pony embraces colour wholeheartedly. The iconic rainbow of Equestria is mimicked by creating a tonal rainbow out of colours from archival Deadly Ponies collections. My Little Pony’s bright and energetic aesthetic was used as a starting point, but the muted colour palette of Deadly Ponies was introduced to honour the brand’s identity. 


The Pony Puff charms reinvent classic My Little Pony characters; these luxurious accessories are also companions, speaking to the imagination, tactility and care associated with My Little Pony. The world of My Little Pony revolves around symbols of self-expression. When Ponies discover their unique role within the land of Equestria, they obtain a ‘cutie mark’: a pictographic representation of their unique and colourful identity. Cutie marks express a Pony’s integral values and qualities: Rainbow Dash’s lightning bolt, for example, is a composite symbol that simultaneously represents her dynamism, competitiveness, mischievousness and loyalty. In honour of this collaboration, Deadly Ponies has invented its own character, Shadow. She is elegant, bold, and considered.

When you wear Deadly Ponies for My Little Pony, you are signalling what you stand for: harmony, fun and friendship. The values of Deadly Ponies for My Little Pony span generations and gender. The language of play has been elegantly translated into a contemporary means of identity through fashion.


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