Elevating our smaller accessories to #1 snack status, while doing a solid for the planet, we’re proud as punch to present our latest Recycle collection, another firm step on the path to total circularity and sustainability

In keeping with our zero-waste values, our leather off-cuts have found delicious new purpose in vibrant coin purses and wallets, becoming pieces as inherently good as they look.

‘When we laid out all the leftover stock colours on the table, the mix of reds and yellows called to mind a flamboyant fruit bowl.’ says Deadly Ponies Creative Director, Liam Bowden. ‘Running with this idea, we had fun creating the different fruit motifs, using marquetry techniques to expertly inlay them into our signature wallets.’

Marquetry, a French leather working technique, requires advanced skill and fine attention from our artisans. Each leather off-cut is shaped to precision, then assembled by hand into a jigsaw-like design, before being ironed together to form the motifs within the collection, a true testament to intricate craftsmanship.

In its third year, our highly anticipated annual Recycle collection is a fan favourite, one we are pleased to see sell-out its previous offerings.

The collection forms part of our wider Recycle, Repurpose, Re-love program; reflecting our ethos and firm belief in circularity. Using pre-loved and off-cut leathers to explore the smaller accessories in life - with just the right dose of playfulness.

10% of every purchase from our Recycle collection donated to Sustainable Coastlines, to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love.

Choosing a fruity treat from our Recycle collection really is win, win, win.





While we encourage you to nourish, repair and cherish your pieces, there comes a time when they are ready for their next journey. For bags that have lived a full life, we are proud to offer the chance to avoid landfill and become something new. As a reward for recycling your Deadly Ponies pieces with us, you will receive a $50 voucher* to use towards your next purchase.

*We will accept an amnesty on all preloved Deadly Ponies products, however they must be in a usable condition. Voucher awarded for all bags only, excludes wallets and accessories. Read more about our Recycle programme here.