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Social Responsibility



Boutique manufacturing and ethical sourcing are at the core of Deadly Ponies’ ethos. Our pieces are a stratum - not simply what you see on the surface, but the layers that lie beneath. With every detail intrinsically linked to the next through handcrafted consideration.

At Deadly Ponies, we have strong ethical standards and understand our responsibilities to our customers and the environment, as a manufacturer, retailer, and employer. Since we began in 2005, Deadly Ponies have taken pride in working with production partners and suppliers, both locally and internationally, who uphold our own stringent manufacturing ethics. Through this network, we have formed a family of trusted third-party contractors who strive to better themselves in all aspects of their work, through top standard accreditations, auditing, environmental practices, and caring for their employees.

A commitment to beautifully soft, ethically-sourced leathers is intrinsic to the Deadly Ponies story. Our popular farmed-deer leather is sourced from the South Island of New Zealand and developed in tanneries that share in our vision and have committed to uphold our ethical and environmental standards. As such, all leathers we use are either as a result of natural casualties or are a byproduct of meat production. To achieve this we prioritise working with tanneries that are certified members of the Leather Working Group (LWG) and achieve the ‘Gold Standard’ in leather production, or hold ISO 9001:2015, BSCI/SEDEX or are REACH compliant*. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and operate under a business model built on corporate responsibility. We are considerate consumers and design our bags for longevity and circularity.



Deadly Ponies bags are handcrafted using these materials:


Our Bovine and Calf leathers offer durability and are farmed in the United States and tanned in China. Our Suppliers are part of the Leather Working Group* and have achieved the Gold Standard.

Deer Nappa is a luxurious and versatile leather both strong and thick yet soft and supple. It is currently farmed and tanned in the South Island of New Zealand. From SS20 onwards due to the closure of New Zealand Light Leathers, our deer leather will be farmed in either NZ or the US and tanned in China.

Our croc-effect is made from bovine leather that has been embossed with a croc appearance. It is farmed and tanned in Italy.


Capra Python is made from Goat leather. It has been simulated, printed and embossed to be a true representation of the exotic texture of Python. It is farmed in Northern Asia and tanned in Italy.


Coveted for its soft, supple and bubble-like textured surface our Bulle Lamb is farmed and tanned in Central Asia. From SS20 onwards our Bulle Lamb will be farmed and tanned in France.


We haven’t just chosen brass for its durability and aesthetic, but due to its low environmental impact. With the lowest manufacturing carbon footprint, Brass can also be melted down, time and time again, being truly circular.


Working with a small, family-operated business in the lower North Island of New Zealand, our mohair is all ethically and locally sourced, with luxurious quality.

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Along with our own atelier, we prioritise working with suppliers and manufacturers who reflect our high ethical and sustainable values as a business. Accreditations we look for are: 

Leather Working Group (LWG), with Gold Standard certification. LWG is an independent group of tanneries and footwear brands that have established a protocol to assess the environmental performance of tanneries and to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental practices within the leather tanning industry. More information can be found here

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management process ensuring continual improvement and demonstrating the consistent ability to provide products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements. More information can be found here.

BSCI/SEDEX are systems meant to make supply chains more transparent and fair, through the adherence of 11 core principles; with a primary focus on worker and environmental protection. More information can be found here.

REACH is a regulation adopted to improve the protection of both people and the environment from hazardous chemicals. More information can be found here.  



We have been working to drive the evolution of the fashion industry from our small corner of the world. Boutique brands have an uphill battle trying to influence large manufacturers to deliver on their environmental promises, so we took matters into our own hands. Since 2018, we have been meticulously training a team of 30 artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand to continue our craftsmanship story and directly control our impact on this planet. Our purpose-built atelier is now complete and crafting 70% of our products, with a vision to transfer 100% of our products into the facility over the next year. Our goal is to eventually run the atelier from entirely renewable energy and reduce our waste-to-landfill down to zero by investing in bio-fuel waste generation. This is a significant step for Deadly Ponies to take our environmental efforts even higher. It stays true to our vision and further defines our commitment to building kindness through creativity.

That kindness extends to our people as well as our planet. From this year, 1% of profit from our atelier goes to community enrichment programmes aimed at supporting and improving the wellbeing of our wider Deadly Ponies family.

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Designed in New Zealand under Creative Director and Founder, Liam Bowden’s vision, we now have oversight of the complete cycle of every piece, meticulously made with care. With more to come, we look forward to sharing this story with you over the course of 2020. 

For further information please see our Code of Labour and Environmental Standards here or if you would like further information on particular products, our supply chain or our business values please email us at