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Suede; one of the better creations to come out of the Middle Ages. With its luxurious feel and timeless look, suede has long been a cherished member of the Deadly Ponies family, featuring in both new and classic pieces across our collections. Here’s how to care for the hide of the season. 

Your Mr. is crafted from the finest quality deer suede, finished with a Napa trim. Suede is renowned for its velvet soft texture and pliability, but is also prone to absorbing moisture, which can damage the condition of the leather. If your Mr. comes into contact with water or other liquid, dab with a clean, dry cloth or suede eraser before leaving him to air-dry in the shade. 

Remember, ‘suede loves shade,’ so it’s best to avoid exposing your Mr. to extreme heat or direct sunlight. For oily stains, talcum powder is your saving grace. Sprinkle a layer of powder over the stain, let it set overnight, and then use a suede brush to gently brush the area clean. Using a suede brush regularly will remove dust and dirt and help to restore the natural nap of the leather, keeping your suede looking sumptuous.  

Oh, and there’s a reason the King didn’t want you stepping on his blue suede shoes; the soft and supple nature of suede means your Mr. won’t take well to excessive abrasion. While the undersides of most of our bags are finished with leather, it’s inevitable that your suede will suffer some wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Avoid using topical cleaning products, as these can disrupt the fibres in the suede. For more stubborn marks, opt instead for a suede eraser.

To preserve the original quality of your Mr., we recommend using a suede protecting cream or spray regularly, to shield him from weather elements and general abrasion, and when not in use, store him in the protection bag provided. Your Mr. is made to last; take good care of him, and he will see you through many ages to come.