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Victorine Müller, Timeline, 2015 - 2012

Combining the disciplines of performance, sculpture, painting and sound, Müller’s work can be considered palpably immersive experiences to her audience. Each artwork is characterised by the artist herself incased in a seemingly weightless PVC structure, often depicting that of an animal. Her presentations are very much oriented around a spiritual or emotional dynamism where her presence inside the air-filled creature often emits a tangible aura – breathing animistic energy into the beast she inhabits.


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Daniel O'Toole, Untitled colour study, 2020

Building on the Los Angeles 'light and space' movement of the 1960’s, Daniel's work is positioned in the post-digital context of contemporary Australia. Working across the mediums of painting, video, sound and installation, he blurs the lines between disciplines – always looking for an outcome which unites the various aspects of his practice in a cohesive way.


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Caroline Zimbalist, Mosaic Lamp, 2020

An artist who blends fashion, science, and engineering to create one-of-a-kind works, Caroline is moved by our impact on the natural world, distorting colours and textures and re-sculpting them into three-dimensional forms.


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Guy Yanai, Sylvain and Pauline, 2021

With their vernacular subject matter and pixelated appearance, Guy Yanai’s paintings encompass a variety of historical influences but seem distinctly of a technology-inflected moment. Inspired by historical figures such as Matisse and Cezanne, as well as more contemporary figures such as Tal R, the Tel Aviv-based artist’s paintings capture unoccupied scenes of everyday life, flattened into a shallow depth of with solid blocks of color that create the appearance of cut-outs or collage.


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Fausto Melotti, Elementi, 1975

Fausto's structures played with balance and negative space to create a whimsical and intriguing final result. Melotti died on June 22, 1986, the same year he was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale. Today, his work is held in the collections of The Modern Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art in Rome, and the Gori Collection in Pistoia, among others.


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