Creating a responsible business is an ever-evolving journey, but we are committed to building a better world.

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Our Impact block 0

03.1 CO2 Emissions

Deadly Ponies is Carbon-Zero certified. Our total CO2 emissions for FY21 (01/04/2020 to 31/03/2021) were 99.1 tCO2e. Through our established processes we monitor, record, and offset our tonne CO2 emissions as a business and prioritise making reductions wherever possible. Based on current Science Based Targets, we have identified a reduction of Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions of 14% and an absolute reduction in Scope 3 emissions (combined) of 23% by 2026. We intend to achieve these reductions by further reducing our air freight by direct sea-freight from our own atelier to global destinations.

CO2 Emissions

03.2 Waste

We aim to be zero-waste certified by the end of 2022 - this means not only our production waste but also working with high quality, ethical materials that we can rework, repurpose or recycle without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. To ensure we achieve our goal, we have audited all packaging, identifying areas for improvement and the need for alternatives. We have developed 100% recyclable packaging, including the use of non-toxic dyes and inks. Our atelier ships all products in 100% soft plastic packaging which gets recycled through Reclaim NZ. Our retail stores and head office have undergone a waste audit to create a baseline for our data. In 2020, as a total business, we sent a total of 11,963kg of waste to landfill.  

Quarter One 2021 saw an anticipated increase in waste sent to landfill in comparison to the same period last year. The impacts of COVID-19 in 2020 saw a significant decrease in waste with our sites being closed for a number of months. We expect to see a decrease in these numbers as the year progresses. 


03.3 Energy

We have set a target to reduce our total energy consumption by 10% by 2026. To reach this target, annual energy audits will be conducted for all retail spaces and our head office, setting specific targets accordingly.

Across all sites, there was an increase in energy used for Quarter One FY22, however this was anticipated as we were fully operational for the months of April - June in comparison to last year . Although our energy consumption has increased - when compared to Quarter 1 FY21 per million $, there is a reduction of 1052.56kWh. We anticipate with the continuation of our energy audits across the business, we will continue to see this number decrease.