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Since announcing the second year of our partnership with Metro magazine and the Metro + Deadly Ponies Scholarship, once again, we have been overwhelmed by each submission. We are thrilled to share that this year's winner is, Ella Scott-Fleming.

At Deadly Ponies, a passion for creating opportunities for new talent and celebrating local artistry is what drives us, so it was a pleasure to continue to support this important partnership. We're delighted that the Metro + Deadly Ponies Scholarship has been awarded to Ella, who submitted a topic that moved and inspired us all; we can't wait to read her completed work in early 2023.

"Ella is working on a difficult and potentially controversial story combining personal experience, criminal justice, and some capital-J Journalism, and I couldn’t be more excited about how it’s coming together."

- Henry Oliver, Metro Editor


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Ella, a graduate of Elam School in Fine Arts, where her writing practices began, has since worked in film as a props maker, art galleries as a technician, and most recently, in construction as a builder. Currently, she is doing a PgDip in Journalism at AUT in the hopes of becoming a court reporter.

"Opportunities like this are so important for emerging writers. This scholarship will see my first published piece and allow me to spend the summer months writing. Thanks so much."

- Ella Scott-Fleming