A triptych of twists and texture

Our Autumn ‘23 collection explores the works of renowned artist Francis Bacon, experimenting with harmonious tones, unexpected materials, and textural works. Bacon, whose triptych of rugs were described as the “finest modernist carpets in existence” was a maverick who found critical success in the mid-1940s, and is now recognised as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

“What first interested me in the artistic works of Francis Bacon, was a foray into interior design before his incredible career as a painter. During a period no longer than 10 years, Bacon designed and worked on different interior projects, creating amazing textured rugs that were well ahead of their time. These rugs, modern in both concept and design, are now an important part of artistic history.”

- Founder & Creative Director, Liam Bowen

Francis Bacon, Wool Rugs, circa 1929

Francis Bacon, Wool Rugs, circa 1929

Bacon’s iconic rugs, which luckily escaped his culling of works he created before he became a painter, have been a textural inspiration this season, and influenced the hues of our forthcoming collection.

“Heading into our Autumn season, I loved the idea of drawing inspiration from these colourful, textured rugs, experimenting with vibrant colour and tactile materials.”


As the heat reaches its zenith in February, meet burnt toast, a rich, chocolatey brown, and, reminiscent of Bacon’s paler palette, lighter hues lemongrass and marshmallow, alongside a sweet blend of both, mallowpuff.

Denim and seashadow join Deadly Ponies’ coveted Bulle family, cool blue tones for the softest ‘bubble’ texture.

New shapes step out alongside classics, with Mr Porter Midi, a smaller version of the coveted Porter Tote, and Mr Cinch Pouch, the newest addition to the cinched silhouettes, a magnetised closure providing ease and security.

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In March, the last low rays of summer sun formally bow to autumn, and textures come to the fore, Croc and new material, Crushed Patent, coming alive in warm tones of marsala and caramel, while lengthening shade takes in jam and dusk ombre.

Conveying attitude and interest across all unique designs; our Autumn ‘23 collection is available in all Deadly Ponies’ stores and online now.