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Our Story

Founded in 2005, Deadly Ponies is a New Zealand based, internationally renowned, leather accessories brand that challenges traditional notions of design. It is a brand synonymous with artisanal quality, sumptuous materials and a unique design aesthetic that is forever pushing creative boundaries.

A commitment to beautifully soft, ethically sourced leathers are crucial to the Deadly Ponies success story - one that sees the brand in the arms of a long list of notable fans.

Deadly Ponies has flagship boutiques in Auckland, Wellington, and soon to be Melbourne with stockists globally. Designed in New Zealand, the brand handcrafts the majority of their pieces at their own eco-atelier in Chiang Mai, Thailand, ensuring total transparency. 


Deadly Ponies is the brainchild of New Zealand designer Liam Bowden; a celebrated collaboration between himself and husband Steven Boyd.

Liam began making one-off leather pieces and jewellery in his garage. Self-taught in pattern construction, sewing and finishing, his skills have grown organically, creating a product that harmoniously blurs the lines between high fashion, form and function.

The unique moniker is bourne from this story. Liam's self-taught construction techniques reflected the grunge aesthetic at the root of the brand and the name stuck. Today, it remains a fitting tribute to a brand that is as fierce as it is graceful.

In 2009, Liam met Steve and the pair hit it off immediately. A decade later, they are partners in life and in business, running Deadly Ponies.

The pair are very in sync, which is what makes the business work so well. When asked what the most enjoyable part of their journey has been to date, they say it is the people that work with them. They remember the fun times with their staff more than anything else. And with these guys at the helm... you can tell Deadly Ponies has real heart. 


Liam Bowden & Steve Boyd

Liam Bowden & Steve Boyd