Not willing to compromise on our values, we work closely with select suppliers across the world to craft the highest quality, sustainably-sourced and ethical materials our customers know and love.

Our Materials

02.1 Why leather?

For us, it is about sustainability & longevity of our quality leathers. By sourcing ethical hides - working exclusively with hides that are a by-product of the meat industry, or natural casualties, have traceability, and have Leather Working Group or equivalent certification, we can ensure the quality and sustainability of our materials. While we continue to innovate and source alternatives to provide choice, we choose leather for three key reasons:


Leathers need to be properly cared for, including regular conditioning, waterproofing and storing away from direct sunlight. Our products are crafted and designed to be long-wearing.

Why leather?


Unlike most leather alternatives on the market which can take centuries to break down and are manufactured using fossil fuels from synthetic, plastic-based materials such as PVC, polyurethane and toxic Phthalate; quality, tanned leather can take between 25-50 years to fully biodegrade on its own - leaving a far less lasting alternative than its counterparts.

Recyclable & repurposed

Due to its durability, our quality leathers can be recycled and repurposed into new products, helping to close the production loop and deliver a more circular economy. Our Recycle initiative also means customers can return their pre-loved products as part of our buy-back scheme, which we then use to craft our 100% recycled collection.

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02.2 Materials we prefer

02.3 Materials we don’t