SPRING ‘23 | The new beginning


Spring ‘23 explores the works of renowned artist Tracy Emin experimenting with anarchic energy.

Long trusted to deliver the fine balance between classic craftsmanship and creativity, our Spring '23 collection signals a bold new direction. Our most significant design overhaul in more than a decade, Carousel, has been injected with anarchic energy courtesy of inspiration from British art world ‘bad girl’ Tracey Emin.

The Carousel collection wows in new seasonal hues drawn from scrawled neon text and paint splatters. Strap in for a thrilling ride; reinvented classics with a multitude of design improvements and a new industrial update for our signature brass hardware.

Emin, a British artist known for her autobiographical and confessional artwork, has fascinated audiences with her drawing, painting, sculpture, film, photography, neon text, and sewn appliqué. It’s this innocence that has driven Deadly Ponies Founder and Creative Director, Liam Bowden, to combine echoes of Emin’s works with the energy of heady nights at the fairground, and endless days at a holiday beach.

“I was first introduced to (Emin) at Tate Modern in London, and have since then been drawn to her gritty, thought-provoking artistic works. I love the contrast of the confessional pieces, paired with very playful materials with an innocent undertone. Her approach gave us the perfect palette to work from,” says Bowden.

Spring ‘23 hues bring together ivy, rockpool, nougat, and our signature python-print in jellybean with ridges of flavourful lime. New silhouettes include Mr Ferris Midi, a medium shoulder bag with a zip closure, two debuting Bellboys, Mr Bellboy Midi, a mini portrait-style tote, and Mr Bellboy Mini, a compact crossbody bag.
Paying tribute to our own heritage, we introduce a new satin finish on our recyclable solid-brass hardware. The update is a return to classic Deadly Ponies chain detailing, with a nod to our ship-yard history.
Immersed in a playful palette across all unique and considered designs; Deadly Ponies is changing the game. Spring '23 is available online, and in-store now.