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Creating a responsible business is an ever-evolving journey, but we are committed to building a better world.

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Climate Impact (FY22 Data)

Deadly Ponies is Carbon-Zero certified. Our total CO2 emissions for FY21 (01/04/2020 to 31/03/2021) were 99.05 tCO2e. Total for FY22 (01/04/2021 - 31/03/2022) were 91.24, which is 8% lower than the base year total of 99.05 tCO2e. A reduction in emissions intensity of 2.23 tCO2e/$M has been achieved (based upon a 2-year rolling average) Through our established processes we monitor, record, and offset our tonne CO2 emissions as a business and prioritise making reductions wherever possible. Based on current Science Based Targets, we have identified a reduction of Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions of 14% and an absolute reduction in Scope 3 emissions (combined) of 23% by 2026. We intend to achieve these reductions by further reducing our air freight by direct sea-freight from our own atelier to global destinations.

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We aim to be zero-waste certified by the end of 2023 - this means not only our production waste but also working with high quality, ethical materials that we can rework, repurpose or recycle without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. To ensure we achieve our goal, we have audited all packaging, identifying areas for improvement and the need for alternatives. We have developed 100% recyclable packaging, including the use of non-toxic dyes and inks. Our atelier ships all products in 100% soft plastic packaging which gets recycled through Reclaim NZ. Our retail stores and head office have undergone a waste audit to create a baseline for our data.

There was a 57% reduction in waste to landfill in Q1 of FY22 in comparison to the same time FY21.

An 11% reduction was achieved in Q2 of FY22 in comparison to the previous year. Q2 of FY21 saw us in level 4 lockdown for 5 weeks, so this was a great achievement to still decrease our waste with all sites operational.

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We have set a target to reduce our total energy consumption by 10% by 2026.

To reach this target, annual energy audits will be conducted for all retail spaces and our head office, setting specific targets accordingly. In FY22 we reduced energy t/CO2e emissions by -23.53% per million dollars. We are continuously working on reducing our consumption across the business, inline with our goal for 2026.

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All our packaging has been custom-designed with the utmost quality, and are 100% recyclable. Our online boxes and shopping bags are designed using eco- dyes, FSC certified paper and cardboard, and absolutely no plastic. This degree of care extends to our inward goods, as well as our retail packaging, meaning that product arriving from the factories is packaged in recyclable soft- plastics and packaged in re-usable and recyclable cartons. Our cotton dust bags are crafted from AZO free dyes and inks.



Being a global business; shipping and freight play a significant role in our overall carbon footprint, an impact we try to mitigate at every opportunity. We choose sea freight wherever possible, and build this into our seasonal timelines to accommodate longer shipping times from our factories. On average, sea freight uses 97% less carbon for the same journey, so it is a significant contributor in reducing our carbon footprint. We actively choose to engage with third party shipping and delivery partners who have sustainable practices and protocols in place.

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Recycle Programme

Deadly Ponies began with our Creative Director, Liam, sourcing leather scraps from tannery off-cuts to create his very first designs, an ethos ingrained in our recycling practices of today. In our continual mission to be more circular and become zero waste certified, in 2020 we launched a recycling programme aimed at taking total ownership of our products for their entire lifecycle. While we encourage customers to nourish, repair and cherish your pieces (introducing specialised repair kits), there comes a time when they are ready for their next journey. For bags that have lived a full life, we decided to repurpose them, rather than being sent to landfill - a poetic nod to our early days. Given all of our products are produced with reusable materials, we have an opportunity to reinvent them at part of our annual recycle programme.

Using quality materials has always been at the heart of what we do. Brass hardware, for example, is one of the few metals that can be melted down and reused without compromising its composition - all while utilising one of the most energy-efficient methods to do so. This means that we can melt down our retired brass hardware and make a sculpture to hold our recycled coaster set... no joke.

To extend the life of your piece, we recommend regularly caring and nourishing your bag. Discover our care kit and care guide.

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Our ethically sourced, high-quality leathers are tanned without harmful chemicals, meaning that they can be refurbished, cut and stitched to form new products. Every usable shred of leather from the cutting room floor at our atelier is kept and graded for later use.

And that’s what this project is really about, celebrating the quality of our products, while also acknowledging the history of the brand. It also defines our future, and that of our atelier. We are setting a standard for our team to meet. If we can’t recycle it, then we need to look for alternatives. If our team can rise to that challenge then we are also setting the bar for others to follow, and this is what brings us the most joy.

Now in its third season, and due to the popularity of the programme, we have permanently built Recycle into our annual calendar. To date we’ve repurposed over 2000 sqft of waste leather, creating something beautifully unique rather than sending it to landfill. We have created pieces like our Mirror and Key Cloche, AirPod cases, sunglasses holders, coasters and much more. Each piece is unlike the next - a true Deadly Ponies’ collector’s keepsake - made from someone else’s keepsake.

Since our first recycle collection in 2020 we have manufactured over 1000 pieces as part of the recycling programme alone. We have also produced a further 500 pieces from otherwise waste materials that we have on hand. All of these products have been purchased online or from one of our six stores across New Zealand and Australia.

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Our recycle initiative has been a collaboration between Deadly Ponies and our factory in Thailand. Driven by our core company values, the entire team has been behind this innovation. Under the guidance of our chairman, Steven Boyd, and with the support of Deadly Ponies’ Transparency Committee, we partnered with our team in Thailand to execute this initiative. Every collection, we rely on our Lead Designer and Creative Director to make something out of scraps, and they always rise to the challenge.

Lifecycle Management is a core ethos at Deadly Ponies. This particular initiative is completely circular, because we control every part of the process - from production, to consumer, to Recycle, back into production and eventually, back to the consumer again.

We encourage our customers to nourish, repair and cherish their pieces and we offer ways in which this can be done through our Leather Care Kits and also our repair and refurbishment services, but there comes a time when our products are ready for their next journey. When a Deadly Ponies product is at end-of-life then it can be returned to us for recycling through our in-store amnesty programme. Using leather offcuts in our recycle range also closes the loop on any excess waste in the production process.


No matter which bag you choose, all of our leathers are derived from certified Leather Working Group Gold partners or equivalent.


Whether we biodegrade the old leather, or melt down the brass, we take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the pieces we make.


We recognise the global impact of CO2 emissions and are committed to further reductions for the health of our planet.


Our mission: Our people, our factory, zero excess, zero waste.


Earn recycle credits + shop pieces crafted from our recycled bags and off-cuts. Nothing goes to waste.


Our pieces are made to last, so help us extend their life with our premium care routine.

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