Our pieces are timeless, made to be cherished for years to come. Each piece is artisanally handcrafted to minimise our impact on the planet and help build a better world.

Our Manufacturing

01.1 Chiang Mai Factory

Owned by Deadly Ponies; 57 staff

We have been working to drive the evolution of the fashion industry from our small corner of the world. With boutique brands facing an uphill battle trying to influence large manufacturers to deliver on their environmental promises, we took matters into our own hands by building our own factory. 

Our eco-atelier is made up of a small team of 57  artisans, each trained in french leatherworking techniques to the highest standards. Our skilled makers are pattern makers, leather cutters, stitchers, painters and finishers, each with their own unique talents. Bringing our designs to life, each Deadly Ponies product is handcrafted at every stage of the process - a true labour of love. Our atelier is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is majority-owned by Deadly Ponies’ holding company. The factory is a purpose-built eco-building with views of the rice paddies, a biofuel reactor, aquifer and an on-site orchard. The factory is fully accredited with ISO-9001.

Chiang Mai Factory

01.2 Guangzhou Factory

Owned by Owen, 55 staff

Our Guangzhou factory is a smaller family run operation where Owen employs 55 artisans. They specialise in intricate, bespoke pieces, requiring more innovative techniques and harder-to-source materials. We have been working closely with Owen and his team since 2015. They have signed up to our Code of Conduct and are regularly audited. 

Guangzhou Factory

01.3 Italian Factory

Owned by Fadi; 6 staff

Fadi and his wife run the day to day operations at our Italian factory. His wife manages the handcrafting of our Pony Rider jackets, alongside five tailors and one pattern cutter. We have been working with them since 2018 and they have signed our Code of Conduct.

Italian Factory

01.4 New Zealand Factory

Owned by Philippa & Lindsay; 6 staff

Our textile factory is located in Wairarapa, New Zealand, and is the country’s only specialist Mohair weaving facility. Owners Philippa and Lindsay have over thirty years of experience with Mohair, and purchased a small weaving facility in 1989, following many years of farming. We have been working with them since 2016. 

New Zealand Factory

01.5 Guangdong Factory

Owned by Richard; 250 staff

Our Guangdong factory was established in 1981, and we have closely worked with the team since 2010. They are specialists in crafting premium leather handbags and manufacture for some of the world’s leading brands. With a team of over 250, our Guangdong partner can facilitate some of our higher volume products, with the same love and care as our own atelier. They have signed our Code of Conduct, ensuring the protection of the environment and workers, and are regularly audited.

Guangdong Factory