Join us in conversation with Deadly Ponies Founder & Creative Director.

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Deadly Ponies’ Founder and Creative Director, Liam Bowden, reflects on the Winter 24 season, and speaks to his favourite pieces, and the moments that spoke most to him…


How does this collection stand out from previous ones?

“We've introduced a lot of new innovative shapes, and also revived signature elements from earlier collections, such as the new strapping on our Mr. Minimese - which can be knotted to create a shorter handle. This winter, we really focused on creating rich textures and further developing our custom brass hardware.”

A few essential pieces have been
refined this season. What inspired
these updates?

“Our Essential Collection is continuously refined and updated to create fresh interpretations of our hallmark silhouettes. Each season, we draw inspiration from the collection's themes and explore different materials to bring these much-loved designs to life for our customers.”


This season marks Deadly Ponies’ first venture into blankets. Can you share more about this journey?

“This venture was a limited edition project that I've been very passionate about. Created specifically to celebrate our new Queenstown store opening, we collaborated with graphic designer Paul Berges to create a unique product for Deadly Ponies. We spent over a year developing the print and perfecting the finishing techniques, ensuring that our blankets would stand up against luxury options in the market. We also partnered with a factory that specialised in Woolmark products, allowing us to incorporate the certified Woolmark historical emblem as a graphic within the blanket.”


What are some of your favourite pieces from this Winter season?

“I love so many pieces from the Winter Collection, as we've created designs that are both tactile and sculptural while remaining functional. The new Cheval Loafer, with its distinctive shine and elegant fold of the upper, is a favourite. Another standout is the new Mr. Bello Midi, a versatile clutch that looks stunning in various winter hues.”