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Deadly Ponies aims to be zero-waste certified by the end of FY24.

In our continual mission to be more circular and achieve our zero-waste goal, our Recycle Programme initiative is aimed at taking total ownership of our products for their entire lifecycle.

Deadly Ponies began with our Creative Director, Liam Bowden, taking scraps from tannery off-cuts to create his very first designs, an ethos ingrained in our practices today. Our ongoing Recycle Programme - a poetic nod to our early days, draws on that inspiration to form a collection of coveted, recycled pieces.

With an existing focus on repairing our bags to extend their lifecycle, we know there comes a time when they are ready for their next journey.

<h5>Recycle Poucheroo - Apple</h5>
Recycle Poucheroo - Apple
<h5>Recycle Charm - Apple</h5>
Recycle Charm - Apple
For bags that have lived a full life, we want to repurpose them - to enjoy and love for years to come, rather than being sent to landfill.

Deadly Ponies’ ethically sourced, high-quality leathers are tanned without harmful chemicals, and our hardware is 100% recyclable brass, meaning that our leather can be refurbished, and our brass melted down to form new products. As part of our Recycle Programme, we also use our factories' leather offcuts to close the loop on any excess waste in the production process.

As a reward for being part of this journey and recycling your Deadly Ponies bags with us, you will receive a $50 voucher to use towards your next purchase. We will accept an amnesty on all preloved Deadly Ponies products, however, they must be in a usable condition and only bags qualify for a gift voucher.

<h5>Recycle Airpod Holder - Strawberry</h5>
Recycle Airpod Holder - Strawberry
How does it work?

STEP ONE - RECYCLE: You can recycle your pre-loved bag via our in-store amnesty or online by contacting our support team here, filling out your details, and specifying that it is a ‘Recycle Return’, our team will then get in touch to confirm the next steps for your Deadly Ponies bag.

STEP TWO - REDEEM: Once your Recycle Return has been processed you will receive a $50 gift voucher that can be redeemed in-store or used online towards your next purchase.

STEP THREE - RE-ISSUE: Your Recycle Return will be used for our annual recycle collection - exclusive to Deadly Ponies, curated with local artisans, and handcrafted at our atelier. Keep an eye out.


Using quality materials has always been essential to us. Brass hardware, for example, is one of the few metals that can be melted down and reused again and again without compromising its composition - all while utilising one of the most energy-efficient methods to do so. Our ethically sourced, high-quality leathers are tanned without harmful chemicals, meaning that they can be refurbished, cut and stitched to form new products easily by our makers.

And that’s what this project is really about, celebrating not only the leather and the history of the products that we’ve made but also the craftsmanship of our atelier in reducing our environmental impact

<h5>Recycle Poucheroo - Lemon</h5>
Recycle Poucheroo - Lemon


How do I drop off my bag in-store?

Bring your pre-loved Deadly Ponies items to any of our Deadly Ponies stores and drop them into our amnesty bag. Our team will then take your details to join the initiative and issue your $50 Deadly Ponies gift card in exchange. Please note, we will not accept donations through our stockists at this stage.

How do I send back my bag online?

Head to our contact page, and fill out your details, specifying that it is a ‘Recycle Return’ in the message field. Our team will then be in contact with you to coordinate the return and to receive your $50 Deadly Ponies gift card. Please note at this stage you will be responsible for the return of the item, and tracking the parcel.

What can I recycle?

You can donate any Deadly Ponies goods, including scarves, wallets, and belts. Bag donations will receive a $50 Deadly Ponies gift card, redeemable online or at Deadly Ponies’ stores.

What happens if my item isn’t accepted?

We will accept all scarves, wallets, and bags in reasonable condition. Any goods we cannot use as part of the collection will be donated to our chosen charity partner.

When can I use my gift card?

If you donate in-store, you will receive a physical gift card immediately, redeemable in any Deadly Ponies store or online, valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If you return your item online, once we have received the product, you will receive a digital gift card for your bag via email, redeemable online or in Deadly Ponies’ stores.