This Mother's Day we celebrate Jiordy, a sensational, inspirational, dare-we-say-it... cool mum.

This Mother's Day (alongside our own dear matriarchs), we celebrate Jiordy, a sensational, inspirational, dare-we-say-it... cool mum.

With her beguiling musical projects, her inimitable style & her refreshingly candid posts about motherhood, let’s be honest - could the moniker be any more apt?

Having partnered with Jiordy on previous occasions, we’ve been delighted to team up with her again, for an exploration of our rich winter hue, plum, which makes its Mother's Day debut.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get where you are today?

I’m Jiordy. A mum, musician & UX designer from Naarm. My son, Kit, is 14 months old and I guess since he was born I’ve had to rethink how to answer that question. Everything about me is different and yet simultaneously, nothing has changed. Since becoming a mum, I’ve hit the pause button on a lot of things, people, and ventures and only now am I feeling that creative burn, passion, and vigour. I gave myself/us space and time and I’ll be forever grateful for that. I’m more inspired than I’ve ever been and I owe it all to my son’s birth; my rebirth.

Where do you source inspiration, and how does this affect your creative process?

I collect inspiration from travels, books, people, experiences, love, cooking, crafts, my husband, my son, our dog, my garden, family, my anxiety! I am naturally quite an inspired person and am forever being pulled in so many directions. That innate universal pull and being so aware of it is one of the things I love most about myself but it can sometimes strain the creative process because the excitement I feel for so many things can mean I’m confused about where to put my energy. Working through that is always challenging, especially for my anxious soul, but so rewarding once I’ve landed on the right path. Once I’ve found the thing, I love the thing and I do the thing, at 110%.

What's your favourite thing about being a mother and how does it influence your creative work?

The complete vulnerability and surrender, the fierce love, the unconditional adoration. It’s immense and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The first year after having Kit, for me at least, was about survival. Everything was new, scary and exciting. Navigating our new role as parents was hard but blissful. It completely forced me into the present, to move slow, to be okay with being a little messy. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself at the start because I didn’t have any energy to focus on my creative work. However, after a while I just accepted it and knew that eventually when the timing was right I would find it again. Now, he is my biggest inspiration. I want to show him what it truly means to do what you love and have fun every day.

How has becoming a mother changed your perspective on creativity and artistic expression?

My source of artistic expression is deeper and I guess in a way I’m now looking for the meaning of the creation more, rather than just doing it.

How do you juggle a work/ life balance?

I don’t, there is no balance for me. I am okay with things not being 50:50. I think that’s the magic of it. I have found what works for us and I adapt every day. It’s chaotic, but fun.

What are your tips for those wanting to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle?

Educate yourself on the ways you can improve and what works for you. It’s about trying your best and feeling good about your choices. For us, it’s about where we buy our food, growing our own vegetables, recycling, composting, buying clothes from ethical and sustainable places, re-using and aiming towards zero food waste. Simple things like trying to finish what is in your fridge and being creative with recipes before doing your next shop. Sustainability costs more but if done right should eventually cost you less.

How are you trying to curate a more considered wardrobe? Has your wardrobe changed since becoming a mother?

I buy things that I love and that I will love for a lifetime. Quality and sustainability over quantity - always! I rotate my wardrobe depending on the season and only really buy something new when I need it. I also regularly reorganise my wardrobe to make sure nothing is tucked away in a corner. When I was pregnant, I didn’t buy a lot. I got some good quality drawstring pants and stretchy knitted pants that would grow with my belly and a few stretchy dresses that I could wear postpartum too. I was due in February (it was hot) so I ended up wearing my belly out with an open shirt and crop most of the time.

What is your favourite way to unwind and relax?

Daily high intensity exercise is a key way I unwind, I bring Kit most mornings and he (usually) loves sitting and watching while I get a workout in. To relax I cook, journal, listen to music and go for slow long walks somewhere quiet.

What is your favourite bag from our latest Deadly Ponies collection?

Practicality is key for me at the moment, especially with Kit wanting to walk around and explore the world. So my favourite is the side body Mr Cinch Pouch in plum.