In celebration of our arrival in Melbourne, we explore the meaning of local community - the true heart of the beloved city.

In celebration of our arrival in Melbourne, we explore the meaning of local community - the true heart of the beloved city.

Through the inspiring eyes of some of Melbourne’s creatives, we discover much-loved eateries, secret nooks, and small brands doing incredible things.

Liz Sunshine is a familiar face in the neighbourhood, often seen highlighting interesting people and beautiful spaces through her unique lens, documenting the best of Australian fashion and art. Welcoming the time to slow down brought on by the pandemic, Liz shares her love for Melbourne’s best eateries, galleries and the place she calls home.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got here?A: I’m a Melbourne based photographer, and I got here by being one of the first Australians to photograph street fashion - a category of photography that celebrates how people dress everyday, not only at fashion weeks.

What do you love most about living in Melbourne?

A: Probably the accessibility to international art exhibitions at the NGV, abundance of wonderful local labels, and of course, the food.

Which Australian creative are you particularly coveting at the moment, and what inspires you about their work?

A: Immediately I think of the work of Violet Grace, an influencer, but she has a particular signature to her images that I really enjoy. Otherwise I mostly love people who do things, artists etc. and then follow along for their personal style as well, think Gabrielle Penfold.

Where do you source inspiration, and how does this affect your creative process?

A: Most of my inspiration comes from research. I love old books, art galleries, and meeting new people.

What is your favourite way to unwind and relax?

A: I don’t really watch TV, so I spend most of my free time in the garden, painting something or cooking for my family. As someone who loves my job, initially I really didn’t place importance on switching off, but I have realised in the last 12 months that I’m a better creative when I give myself space from my work. I also love spending time with my family - right now that tends to be at the skate park or the library.

How are you trying to curate a more considered wardrobe?

A: This is a constant process. I like to do a major clean out at the end of each season, but I also like to keep a box for donations in my wardrobe. If I come across something that doesn’t suit me, is irreparable, or no longer my style, I’ll donate it to my friends first, then the Salvos second.

What are your tips for those wanting to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle?

A: Slow down. Research more. Learn more. Buy less. Spend less. Need less. Waste less… this is a note I wrote to myself a while ago and is now the screen saver on my phone. I think when it comes down to it, often we buy things for quick satisfaction, but really we can find that satisfaction in other ways. Define things that make you happy and do more of these.

What is your signature dish or drink?

A: Margarita. But really my husband makes these and I drink them.

What do you hope the remainder of 2021 brings?

A: I’m enjoying the mental space that these little lock downs bring. Now that I have hobbies I know exactly what to do if I’m not working. I’m also working towards a major personal project and am dedicating more time to planning this.


Favourite cafe?

Favourite restaurant?
France Soir

Favourite space?
NGV and the design store. Also CCP. Est Studios.

Favourite thing to do in Melbourne?Lazy lunch followed by an art gallery

Most-loved local eatery or business?
There are so many, Shibui. Texas Nails. Willow Urban. Flowers Vassette. Walkens House of film. Cibi.