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With the environmental impact of the fashion industry at the forefront of minds coming into the new decade, we look for ways to evolve and lead the inevitable change. Boutique manufacturing and ethical sourcing is at the core of our ethos, now even more than ever. The next decade will challenge all of us to justify our impact on this planet.

With that, we have been working behind the scenes over the course of the last few years to drive the evolution of the fashion industry from our small corner of the world. Since 2018, we have meticulously trained a team of 30 artisans in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai, Thailand to continue our craftsmanship, in preparation of one day owning our own factory.

Today, that moment has arrived. 

We are proud to announce that our first purpose-built atelier is now complete, with our vision to transfer 100% of our products to the facility within a two-year period. By 2021, our goal is to run entirely off renewable energy, and contribute zero waste to landfill. This is a significant step for Deadly Ponies to take our environmental efforts a step higher. It stays true to our Co-Founders, Steve and Liam’s vision, and further defines what we stand for as a brand. 

With complete management over our manufacturing and supply chain, this means that we can innovate more, and continue to produce limited quantities, all while maintaining the boutique quality you love

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We design our bags for longevity, infinitely inspired by art and sculpture to surpass current trends; truly standing the test of time. If we succeed, Deadly Ponies will be a bag you’ll carry forever. 

Despite drastic changes needed globally, we are inspired by the progressive outlook, and rapid action in the New Zealand fashion industry, and wish to further make sustainable manufacturing accessible to our local community. 

Designed in New Zealand under Creative Director and Founder, Liam Bowden’s vision, we now have oversight of the complete cycle of every piece, made with care. With more to come, we look forward to sharing this story with you over the course of 2020.